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$80 Certified Membership with annual Autorenew


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You will be listed in our membership directory and you will be able to participate in creating our empathic community including refining our definitions, empathic types and related issues. You will also be able to participate in our empathic job finding service and match making and networking service and you can post on our blog (moderated).  You can also add events to our calendar. You will also be listed in our directory and you can use the initials CE after your name for Certified Empath.  

Cost is $80.

Licensed and Certified Member $320 per 12 months with Autorenew


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  You must be a Certified Empath to become a Licensed, Certified Empath with the initials L.C.E. after your name. As an LCE, you will receive a certificate suitable for framing . The cost is $240 per year plus the Certified Empath cost of $80 for a total of $320 per 12 months. To be considered for licensure, one person who knows you well must testify that you are an Empath and send that in writing to the AEA. (We can instead provide a short video consult for an additional fee.) You must also apply by filling out our application. You can have one specialization listed on your license. You can apply for additional, separate licenses for each specialty.   

Cost is $320.

Upgrade from Certified to Licensed $240 with Autorenew


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Cost is $240.