Anna Mirza Janczy, CE Certified Empath

Chicago, Illinois

Phone: (847) 767-3764


Emotional Empath

Intellectual Empath

Precognitive Empath (Intuitive Empath)

Geomantic Empath (Environmental Empath)

Spiritual Empath

Claircognizant Empath

Medium Empath

Psychometric Empath

Crystal Empath

Telepathic Empath

Astral Empath

I am a keenly aware, intelligent being who has always felt very different. I first recognized that I was a highly sensitive, then as an empath. There is such a thing as an extroverted empath and I am one of the few. This is a blessing, yet often times feels like a curse but this is who I am and I’d have it no differently. #QuantumRealm

I  provide assistance by Skype or other video chat.

I provide professional support for Empaths. Please contact me for details.

I will work with you to help you harness your emphatic skills. Please contact me for details.