Emileena Pedigo Certified Empath

New York

Website: www.showgoesonproductions.com

Emileena Pedigo teaches the Tao of artist development as a blogger and coach for artists across discipline. Her forthcoming book demonstrates #AnotherWay to find sustainability in the Arts. Emileena entered the New York City Arts scene as the managing producer of an international theater festival, working with artists from around the world and later managing singer/songwriters. She witnessed many lost inside a self-perpetuating system of exploitation. She would have been lost herself if not for an ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian mountains. Upon her return, she found a paradigm shift that starts one artist at a time: #AnotherWay. This is her art. 

Emotional Empath 

Intellectual Empath 

Geomantic Empath (Environmental Empath) 







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