Jona Bryndis, LCE Licensed Certified Empath

Winter Park, Florida


Phone Number: (407) 435-9910 


Jona Bryndis, the founder and owner of transCODES, So Spiritual! and Remote Prayers. She is a professional energy healer, energy coach, author, public speaker, and trainer of empaths and professionals who want to learn about or apply Energy Work & Energy Coaching. Her teachings are dedicated to empower people to find their True and Authentic Self and to succeed in their search for fulfillment and purpose in life.

Jona is specialized in Empath Training, Professional Healer Training, Abundance Coaching, Deep Self-Healing (Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse, Codependency, and Karma Work), as well as Recovery and Addictions. 

Jona first started out in the software industry, studied Chemistry and Computer Science, worked as business analyst and management consultant before deciding to dedicate her work to energy healing and public education on the topic of Energy Healing, Energetic Sensitivity, Ascension, Energetic Protection, Etheric Surgery, and how the phenomenon of Spiritual Awakening is changing our understanding of Human Consciousness. 

Emotional Empath 

Medical Empath (Physical Empath) 

Animal Empath (Fauna Empath) 

Nature Empath (Plant Empath) 

Intellectual Empath 

Precognitive Empath (Intuitive Empath)

I will work with you to help you harness your emphatic skills. Please contact me for details. 

I provide professional support for Empaths. Please contact me for details.

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