Joy Elle, LCE licensed Certified Empath



Phone: (925) 469-9600 Ext.  114981


Emotional Empath

Medical Empath (Physical Empath)

Animal Empath (Fauna Empath)

Intellectual Empath

Precognitive Empath (Intuitive Empath)

Spiritual Empath

Claircognizant Empath

Medium Empath

Crystal Empath

Telepathic Empath

“I can feel your energy and therefore pick up on the energy around you, enabling me to bring you peace, love, healing, insight, and comfort.” 

I look forward to giving you an enlightening and illuminating reading. I specialize in intuitive and medium readings. 

I will work with you to help you harness your emphatic skills. Please contact me for details.

I provide professional support for Empaths. Please contact me for details.