Lisa K. Wheeler, MA, LCE, LPC Licensed Certified Empath


Phone: (512) 879-8320


Psychology Today:

Emotional Empath 

Medical Empath (Physical Empath)

Intellectual Empath 

Precognitive Empath (Intuitive Empath) 

Geomantic Empath (Environmental Empath) 

Spiritual Empath 

Claircognizant Empath 

Medium Empath 

Telepathic Empath 

My area of specialization is providing professional, grounded and nurturing support to those experiencing voices, visions, telepathy, and other paranormal phenomena.  For some folks, a sudden onset of the above can result in profound destabilization; I provide a judgement-free safe space for validation, understanding and eventual grounding for those in such crises. I also help the families of those who are supporting the individual in crisis. 

Other areas of specialization are working with empaths and/or those in crisis who are mothers/fathers and need guidance/validation in parenting, discernment around emotions that are felt and where/who they come from, and empaths who have been abused in childhood. 

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and am licensed to work with those who live anywhere in Texas, both remotely or in person (preferred). 

I provide professional support for Empaths. Please contact me for details.