Rebecca Manns Licensed, Certified Empath

Laura, Ohio



Rebecca Manns, internationally recognized medium empath , author and speaker, has connected thousands of clients to their loved ones in spirit. Death is said to be a part of life, but through Rebecca's career as a spiritual empath she knows that death is not just a part of life. She knows that although our loved ones are on the other side, they remain with us as part of one continuous life that is infinite. Rebecca's gift as an empath puts her in the top 5% in accuracy in her profession and she is known as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient and channel. Using all these abilities she bridges the physical and spiritual worlds. She gives a voice to her clients loved ones in spirit to relay messages of love, comfort, hope, understanding and joy. As an entertainer, Rebecca's sense of humor and compassion creates a light-hearted, safe and fun environment for her sessions and events

Emotional Empath

Animal Empath (Fauna Empath)

Intellectual Empath

Precognitive Empath (Intuitive Empath)

Geomantic Empath (Environmental Empath)

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